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Why Buy From Dollies Tribe?

Elevate your doll collection with Dollies Tribe exclusives!

Each doll receives a personal touch through meticulous hand painting by Savannah Yesil.

Packaged in a delightful box, accompanied by a certificate and an art stencil, these dolls invite your children to express their creativity.

Moreover, by choosing Dollies Tribe, you're not just adding to your collection – you're supporting a small Indigenous women's business.

Join us in celebrating artistry, diversity, and empowerment with every Dollies Tribe purchase.

Are your dolls safe?

Yes, are dolls have been tested in Australia and meet Australian Safety Standards.

Is this an Indigenous business?

Yes, Dollies Tribe is Supply Nation certified.  This means that we have completed their world-leading verification process that this is an Indigenous business. By purchasing our dolls you are supporting a Mumma-daughter Indigenous women's business - thank you!

Who can I contact about my order?

See our contact page here, thank you!

Can I get custom painting on my doll?

YES - custom painting on our dolls is now available - but please email info@dolliestribe.com.au  for customisation in 2023.