Embracing the beauty of diversity, we take pride in showcasing our culture, community, strength, connection, and identity through our dolls. Our mission extends beyond mere representation; it is about fostering a deep sense of value and visibility for the diverse tapestry of our First Nations peoples.

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Dollies Tribe of Jarjum Dollies

Our unique dolls reflect the differences in multicultural environments, embracing Australia's rich Aboriginal culture.

They each receive a personal touch of hand-painted Indigenous designs by Savannah Yesil here in Sydney.

Each doll is beautifully boxed, accompanied by a certificate and an art stencil. Sure to Suprise & delight every child!

Moreover, by choosing Dollies Tribe, you're not just adding to your collection – you're supporting a small Indigenous women's business.

Join us in celebrating artistry, diversity, and empowerment with every Dollies Tribe purchase.

  • Hand-painted Indigenous Designs

    Through meticulous strokes and vibrant hues, we breathe life into these dolls, infusing them with the spirit of Aboriginal artistry that has transcended generations.

  • Represents Beauty, Strength & Diversity

    They embody the strength of people and the resilience of a culture. Each stroke tells a story of survival, adaptation, and the celebration of diversity.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Every Time

    Not only do we offer high quality dolls, but we also deeply appreciate and value our loyal customers.

    We only strive for 100% customer satisfaction!

  • Mumma & Daughter Team Working Together

    I am Savannah, an artist that styles & paints our dolls. Alongside my mother Maryanne, we represent our proud Aboriginal culture as Bundjalung women & together we are Dollies Tribe.

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